I’ve been following a conversation string on LinkedIn about sketchbooks and thought I would post a graphic on how I use my sketchbook.

The problem with putting so much information in books is finding that information later when you need it.  I have solved this problem  – and this is how it is done.  Perhaps this technique will help others

I take a fresh moleskin and number every odd page on the bottom right corner.  It’s a waste of time numbering every page, and we all know how architects like odd numbers.  Then as information is entered from front to back ( in a conventional manner), I start at the BACK of the moleskin and enter the project number, a 2-3 word description and the page number.  So the sketchbook is being filled in front to back with data, and back to front with indexing.

I have had to look up sketches and measurements from the past – THIS WORKS

Below is an excerpt from one of my books.  Note the page number at the bottom right, and the corresponding page on the index.

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